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The New EQ is Being Built

Very excited to see a shot of the faceplate and knobs of the new EQ being built for MASSIVE Mastering

This bad boy is a “mutt” of sorts based on electronics genius Igor Kapelevich’s DR-MQ5 design that was based on a Sontec / Massenbug parametric EQ. But this one’s gonna be tweaked… Elma switches and Elma’s matte black Classic collet knobs, mid-side capability, SIL op-amps, +/-5dB in 0.5dB increments —

I love the mutts.

As a nod to Sontec, I think it will be dubbed the MES-351MS (if you know Sontec’s naming scheme, you’ll get it).

Wanna peek…?

MM MES 352 EQ Faceplate for web

Good lord, I can’t wait… I’ll probably modify this post as things progress.