Sweet Sixteen - Charging into 2011

I can't tell you how fortunate I feel with 2010 being another record (no pun intended) year at MASSIVE. Made some big upgrades although expenses have skyrocketed and the Tax Man for 2011 is going to be hitting hard if you've kept up with the huge tax increases in IL this year. But still, we're keeping "special rates" intact. Worked on a lot of cool stuff in 2010 and we hope to top it in 2011.

Thanks again to everyone -- New clients, repeat clients, new clients who turned into repeat clients, etc.

Already doing a little "gear shifting" (pun intended this time). Replacing a piece here and a piece there -- Looking forward to a Dangerous Music BAX EQ (Chris Muth's take on the classic Baxandall design) which should add some nice "flavor" options. Recently rebuilt the "main machine" and replaced the "business" PC with a Mac. Had the IBIS EQ modded for "half sweep" (+/-6dB instead of the stock +/-12dB swing). And the Tylers... A little over 6 months on 'em now and I couldn't be happier.

Anyway, back to work. Hoping for a stellar 2011 for all. Read More...

Charging hard into 2010

While the effects of the economy certainly tugged at the bottom line here at MASSIVE Mastering, the year was down only very slightly. A slow 3rd quarter was eclipsed by a record breaking (no pun intended) 4th quarter. Here’s to all of you who made it happen.

During the slight downturn in the 3rd quarter, we were trying to come up with a modified pricing strategy. Then in the freakishly busy 4th quarter, we decided to put that on hold. Now, as we enter 2010 - our 15th anniversary - as busy as it is at the moment, we decided to turn the “SPECIAL” light on anyway.

For a limited time - Might be a month, might be three, might be the whole year - we’ve reduced and “capped” the rates for longer projects.

Q. Wait a minute - it’s busy and you’re having a special? What’s up with that?

A. We’re busy and we want to stay that way. We’ve always been competitive and we’re going to stay that way. The rates here at MASSIVE have always been on the low end of any similarly equipped facility. But ‘for a limited time’ they’re going even lower. We were planning a “15th Anniversary” special anyway... Read More...

Online File Management System (OFMS) Upgrade

I’ve been working with Encodable Industries on the new OFMS -- Finally decided on their stock user database application and a modified (thanks, Anthony for dealing with my pickiness) version of their amazing file management system. Long-time clients will love this new system I’m sure - Automatic notification on upload, automatic notification to you when *I* upload, automatic ZIP download, multi-file upload with wonderful progress metering. A simple, ‘no-frills’ interface with a lot of sophisticated horsepower under the hood.

Well, I’m pretty excited about it...