Studio Photos

MASSIVE Mastering from recent past to way back.
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mastering studio
MASSIVE Mastering
mastering studio - left rack
Left Rack
mastering studio - left rack detail
Left Rack Detail
mastering console
View from the Sky
mastering studio - right rack
Right Rack
mastering gear - shot used by Rupert Neve Designs
Shot stolen by Rupert Neve Designs. I did not complain.
mastering studio - Tyler Acoustics Loudspeakers
Tyler Acoustics Decade Series - D1's and D4M's
mastering studio
The Sterling Modular console
mastering studio - Rega P3
Rega Turntable
mastering studio - speaker selection
Pass Amp and Tyler Acoustics Speakers
mastering studio - MASSIVE Mastering
Artsy Black and White Shot
Tyler Acoustics D1 Decade Series
Tyler Acoustic D1 Detail
mastering studio - Knobs
Knobs - Lots of Knobs
Pass Laboratories X-250 amplifier
Pass Laboratories X250 Power Amplifier
MCI/Sony JH110C
MCI/Sony JH110C Open Reel Deck (1/2" & 1/4" head stacks)
I think this is the main title...
OLD STUFF!!! By barely popular demand -- Some shots of where it all started at the JEM Music Complex and if I can find 'em, a few older shots of "Room D" and early "Room E" shots --
Bill Dickens at JEM Room C
Bill Dickens in JEM's Room C
JEM Room C
JEM Control Room
Rod Morgenstein behind the kit at JEM
Rod Morgenstein behind the kit at JEM
JEM Room C
Room C console and nearfields
Ron Holzner and Rick Wartel of Trouble
Ron Holzner and Rick Wartel of Trouble
Room E -- Literally on "move in" day
MASSIVE Mastering - Room
Room D while the current space was under construction
MASSIVE Mastering - Room
A slightly earlier "D"
MASSIVE Mastering featured in EQ Magazine - June 2005
A *really* early "D" featured in EQ Magazine in June, 2005