Rupert Neve in the House - Mid-2013 Stuff

Haven't had the chance to just post a "news" post in -- Geez, I guess it's been over a year. So much stuff… New Abney Park recordings and some solo projects from AP members Jody Ellen and Josh Goering (Xanther), amazing technical prog-type metal from Tyranny of Hours, dozens and dozens of singles from talented musicians from across the spectrum. I'll try to update it more later.

Picked up a Z-Sys z-8.8 (4.4.2) Digital Detangler which is still in the process of being properly installed -- So many options. And most recently, added the Rupert Neve Designs P2MB (Portico II Master Buss Processor) -- One of the most impressive pieces of mastering gear I've yet to come across. It's "the sound I was looking for" in a rather complicated, but wonderfully flexible package.

Probably have something more specific to say about it at some point soon. But for the moment, it's nearly 3AM and I need some sleep. Read More...